Footbath massager
Footbath massager
Footbath massager

Footbath massager

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Pain Relief Footbath Massager

Pain Relief Footbath Massager offers you a relaxing massage that includes bubbles, heating and ozone all-in-one. A treat for your feet, this one-piece tub comes with a control panel, an adapter and an instruction manual. You get the benefits of soothing heat with rapid warming, air bubbles and added oxygen or ozone sterilization. With a high magnetic ability, the footbath has a basket design with an excellent finish.

Every busy person feels the brunt of stress when they reach home. If you’ve been walking or running around all day, your feet need a lot of attention. Give your feet the tender loving care that they deserve with the help of the Pain Relief Footbath Massager Which is now exclusively available at only for Rs 4420/-.

Pain Relief Footbath Massager SQ-368 also gives you processes such as gas wave oxygenation and
infrared physiotherapy that target aches from the inside and helps them to feel relaxed and pain-free. Incorporate a highly beneficial massage in your nightly routine. Its rubber feet ensures no skidding or sliding while you’re enjoying.

Automatic Heating

Magnetic Therapy

Roller Massage

Infrared Ray Treatment

Bubbling Massage

  • Air Bubbles (oxygenation)
  • 4 Infrared points
  • Vibration
  • Scrubbing stone
  • Pressure point simulators
  • Covering cap
  • Shake Massage
  • Magnetotherapy Health Care
  • Infrared Physiotherapy
  • Help Pain Relief